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You two have great SHTICK. Chicago transplants via Jackson TNrum boogie 10_7_20174
Fun times!!!!rum boogie 10_6_20171
Enjoyed !! mesquite chop house ms 9_28_20179
We had an amazing time!!! You guys were awesomerum boogie 8_26_201715
Starting off my 40th birthday month- with my amazing parents, the love of my life, and greatest friend! Thanks for the fun! rum boogie 9_1_20172
Great night! Thank you.....John & Bernice fron NSW Australiarum boogie 9_1_20173
We had a blast!rum boogie 8_26_201712
She is an awesome waitress.rum boogie 8_25_201710
you guys were great came down from kc will be back to see you again rum boogie 8_25_20171
Thank you for a great show! Hope to see you again on Beale Street 😊rum boogie 8_26_201719
Really enjoyed the evening, now back in UK but enjoyed every minute of our trip , Shaun & Linda Macklinrum boogie 8_11_20179
Fun time with listening to a great couple lafayettes music room 8_12_201711
so glad you were there... and the more request you make the better!!!! Pamlafayettes music room 7_22_20179
Pam with the tierra from Memphis celebrating a "girl`s night out" for my 60th birthday. What a wonderful time we had!lafayettes music room 8_19_201710
our 35th anniv. road trip - near the end. Great music and really enjoyed !rum boogie 7_14_20178
Great photo!rum boogie 7_15_20172
All of us are from Kansas! We had such a good time, and absolutely loved the music and entertainment! rum boogie 7_21_20179
we had such a great time! Thank you for taking all our song request!!lafayettes music room 7_22_20179
Always enjoy listening and singing along with Pam and Terry. rum boogie 7_14_20171
Great evening! Thanks for Mr. Bojangles!!!rum boogie 7_14_201710
Nice!rum boogie 6_30_20179
Just found the pic. We had so much fun and enjoyed listening to you.rum boogie 7_1_201710
Liz and Lori in the house!gurus of golf - le bonheur 6_4_201711
Me and my friend Cindy! We had a great time!lafayettes music room 6_10_201711
Great listening to you too. Hopefully see you in England one day!rum boogie 6_2_20172